About the RFP

On behalf of multiple Minnesota government entities, MnCCC and the HR & Payroll User Group is seeking a qualified vendor to provide an HR and payroll system. As a joint powers organization, MnCCC works closely with many Minnesota counties. MnCCC has gathered the HR & Payroll User Group, which consists of representation from multiple Minnesota counties. Primary goals with this RFP process are to identify a vendor partner who will: 1) provide a quality HR & payroll system that meets various county needs; 2) ensure the system meets all compliance and legal requirements, including for the timely generation of reporting and documents for employees; 3) work with the HR & Payroll User Group to establish batch customizations as requested while maintaining standardization across counties; 4) and a dedication to ongoing quality and solution-oriented support.

We anticipate the selection of a vendor or vendors by July 10, 2020.

Thank you,

MnCCC HR & Payroll RFP Committee



More information on the MnCCC HR & Payroll Vendor below.